glorious_spoon (glorious_spoon) wrote,

With Loves Like These

So, I don't usually post my Shadowhunters fic over here, because I don't think anybody who follows me here really reads that fandom?

But I'm really proud of how this one came out, and at any rate it's a spy AU that doesn't really require any knowledge of canon to read, so I'm gonna do it anyway.

With Loves Like These [~30K words]
The Lightwood family used to be an up and coming power in the criminal underworld. Now the elder Lightwoods are in prison, Alec has become a law-abiding citizen, and Isabelle is trying to hold together what’s left of the family business while navigating an increasingly complicated romance with a beautiful artist who happens to be the daughter of a cop.

And then a battered spy named Magnus Bane comes crashing into their lives and turns everything upside-down…

(A Burn Notice AU)

Tags: fic: shadowhunters

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