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The Future of Another Timeline

 Has anyone else read The Future of Another Timeline by Annalee Newitz? I feel the need to burble wildly about feminism and time travel and how brilliantly they sew together this immensely complex narrative of shifting timelines. I feel like time travel is such a crapshoot to write, especially if you don't go with the simple predestination paradox, and they do it SO well.

Anyway. Everyone should read this book, because it was amazing.
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Back from the dead! WIP Wednesday!

Okay, I think I'm going to start trying to post here a little more regularly again; I've been hanging out on Twitter quite a bit, but some of the fandom drama is really starting to get to me. AND ANYWAY, I've been doing NaNoWriMo, although I tapped out at 20,000 words because I really need to figure out where the hell I'm going with this book before I go even more off the rails than I already have.

So, this is not that book. This is from last year's NaNo fic, which I am trying to edit into some semblance of coherence so I can put it up on Amazon or something. Featuring werewolf siblings and fraught family dynamics:

The front door banged shut behind them. Darren sank down into a kitchen chair, then dropped his face into his palms. He was still sitting like that when Jamie crashed through the back door in a gust of cold wind and bad temper.

“Close that,” Darren said without looking up.

“Fuck you,” she snapped, kicking it shut with a bang that made the windows rattle. Outside, the Fisks’ truck was starting up with an uneven rumble, Helen’s little car already puttering down the snowy driveway. “Did you know about this?”

“What the hell do you think?” Darren asked. On some level, he wished he had the energy to snap at her, to give her the fight she was so clearly spoiling for, but he couldn’t. “No. I didn’t know. I found out today, same as you.”

“This never would have happened when Mom and Dad were alive.”

“I know,” Darren said, and oh, there was the anger, welling up the back of his throat and sharpening his teeth, twisting his voice into a lower register. “You think I don’t know that?”

“But we’re just going to stay here, aren’t we? Simon said his dad asked if we wanted to go with them, and you said no.”

“This is our home—”

“But everybody else is gone. Mom and Dad are gone, and everybody else is leaving, and you’re the one always lecturing me about being careful, but you’re staying here, and you’re making me stay here too, and there are hunters in the woods and you don’t even care as long as you get to stay the alpha!”

Her voice had been rising on every word. There was fur spreading out from the her temples, the bridge of her nose flattening, her green eyes turning wolf-yellow.

“Calm down,” Darren said. He realized almost the instant the words were out of his mouth that it had been exactly the wrong thing to say.

“Calm down?” Jamie snapped through sharpening teeth, her voice thick and mangled. “Calm down?

“Look, could you just—”

“No,” she snarled. “I’m going for a run. I’ll be back when I don’t feel like ripping your throat out. It might be a while.”

Before he could respond, she shifted entirely, falling on all fours as a lean black wolf, fur still puffed in anger, her clothes pooling around her until she wriggled out of them. It was an undignified process that would have been comical in any other circumstances; there was a reason most wolves stripped before they shifted.

He couldn’t bring himself to laugh, though. “Just be careful, okay? Please?”

The wolf lifted her lip at him, then stalked across the kitchen, nosed the door open, and vanished out into the cold.
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so, a funny thing happened to my spouse the other day. funny like i laughed until i cried when i heard about it, but also funny like jesus fucking christ our social norms are all kinds of fucked up.


the backstory on this is that he is the primary caregiver for our kids. there are a lot of reasons for this, but it essentially boils down to the fact that he is a patient and organized and nurturing human and i am an adhd disaster, and also that i have a good job that i like and he would just as soon launch his boss into the heart of the sun, so basically i work full time and he works 20-25 hours a week and does all of the daycare/school pick-up and drop-off stuff, the homework retrieval, the playdate organizing, et cetera. it’s a nice arrangement that works well for our family, but it is apparently COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE socially, as we found out the other day when the mother of one of my 5yo’s friends awkwardly asked him if he could forward their texts arranging playdates to her husband because said husband thought the two of them were maybe having an affair. entirely on the evidence that these playdates were being set up via him, the primary caregiver who regularly checks his text messages, and not via me, the aforementioned adhd disaster who (a) works full-time, including multiple evenings per week and (b) frequently forgets her phone in strange locations and doesn’t answer text messages in any case generally

because, see, i am the wife. and therefore it is My Job to deal with any and all kid-related things, and the only reason my spouse could possibly be taking an active interest in his own children is if he had some kind of ulterior motive, like having sex with the mother of one of his kid's friends in between chasing around four hyperactive children under the age of 7.

and like, it is actually pretty funny on some level, but it’s also kind of straight-up infuriating, especially since this isn’t actually the first time this kind of thing has happened with us, just the most blatant

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Weekly Fic Roundup

So, I wrote a whole pile of fic this week, mostly for Tumblr prompts, and rather than make separate posts for all of it, I'm gonna be lazy and just dump it all here!

Agent Carter
Isolation Room
Peggy and Jack are both in an isolation room after being exposed to a drug on a mission; Daniel is pretty sure he doesn't get paid enough to deal with this.

something real that's out of touch
Magnus is perched on the foot of the bed when Alec slips in the door, barefoot and wearing one of Alec’s shirts. (3x14 episode tag)

Backyard Wildlife
Whatever Magnus is trying to lure out from under the hydrangea bushes is definitely not a stray cat.

Pretty Face and Electric Soul (WIP)
“You love a mortal, Magnus. How much longer do you think he has left? A few years, if that? What do you think you’ll do when he’s gone?”
(Major character death)

The Wonder of It All
“What’s the point of being a warlock if I can’t look after gorgeous exhausted men I find collapsed in my bed?”

Stranger Things
John Connor Ain't Got Nothing on This
“You’re going to die,” Dustin said, sounding more judgmental than worried.
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Fic Recs

Okay, so I haven't done this before, but I have approximately 500 fanworks bookmarked, and I figured I should share the love. And this seemed like a good opportunity. SO: here are fifteen recs for various fandoms for the Round 9 March Amnesty Challenge for [community profile] hc_bingo .

Categories were Surgery, Interrogation, and Undeserved Reputation.

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Cat Eyes

Title: Cat Eyes
Link: On AO3
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None; mild spoilers for 3x12
Other tags: Porn with feelings, Angst and humor, Missing scene
Summary: Once upon a time, he’d have wreathed the room in blue flame for this, peeled both their clothes away with a thought, but now he’s needy and human in his own skin, with nothing but his own hands to clutch and pull at Alec, clawing at his damp t-shirt with helpless desperate hunger.

Missing moment from 3x12; takes place immediately after the training room scene.


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